The Teraspartic® range of amine functional resins are designed for fast curing polyaspartic, polyurea and polyurethane coatings. Currently comprising of 4 grades, namely Teraspartic® 230, EXP 244, 277 & 292 – the whole gamut of viscosity balance with cure speed and open time are available to the coatings formulator.

Teraspartic resins are designed for high performance, fast cure, low VOC, low odour, two component coatings over a number of substrates. Polyaspartic coatings are easy to apply, durable against weathering, relatively non-yellowing, and provide excellent gloss retention. Excellent intercoat adhesion also allows application of epoxy and polyurethane coatings

Pflaumer Products for Polyaspartic Polyurea Coatings Product Summary