Anti Flash Rust additives to feature at Surfex 2016 – 24th/25th May at the NEC

19 May 2016 by Martin Cicognani

Amongst a range of new materials to be featured at this year’s Surfex exhibition will be the LABEMA anti flash rust additives(AFRs). AFRs are used in coatings for both In Can Protection and the protection of metal substrates prior to complete film formation. The attached article describes in detail the mechanism of AFRs in action, […]

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Hubron to work with Ultrakim Kimya on silicone resins for coatings and construction

7 March 2016 by Martin Cicognani

Based in Turkey and since 1995 Ultrakim Kimya have been specializing in the development, production, marketing and sales of silicone products – from polymerisation, functionalisation through to formulated products. Whilst the Ultrakim range encompasses all markets, from textile, leather, polyester, mould making etc, Hubron will focus initially on the NEVOSIL® branded grades of SILICONE RESIN […]

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DiamondKote® – premium rubber mould release agents

25 November 2015 by Martin Cicognani

The move to European production of the advanced DiamondKote®rubber mould release agents, by ITW Krafft, has given customers greater access to these industry leading products. DiamondKote® release agents are used in some of the most demanding and critical moulding applications imaginable. When moulding anti-vibration components, the minimal transfer of DiamondKote® release agents will not interfere […]

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ERISYS™ GE 40 – for intumescent FR coatings

30 October 2015 by Martin Cicognani

ERISYS GE40 is a medium viscosity, aliphatic tetraepoxide based on Pentaerythritol. This chemistry opens up many opportunities for the formulator, among which is its growing use as a key component in intumescent protective coatings. ERISYS GE40 is compatible with most standard epoxy resins at all concentrations and can be cured using any epoxy resin curing […]

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Teraspartic® EXP244 amine functional resin

23 October 2015 by Martin Cicognani

Teraspartic® EXP 244 is a low viscosity amine functional resin designed to provide extended working time and exceptional application properties – including flow and leveling- at 100% solids. Teraspartic® EXP 244 provides more open time than any other polyaspartic amine, and its low viscosity gives outstanding flow and leveling in both clear and pigmented systems. […]

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Einar® PolyDispers 101 – “green” dispersion efficiency

12 October 2015 by Martin Cicognani

Palsgaard A/S launch Einar® PolyDispers 101 a new vegetable-based dispersion agent for colour concentrates. As dispersion is the key for optimum colour development, Einar® PolyDispers 101 enhances organic and inorganic pigment dispersion in polymers, resulting in higher colour yield and lower pressure through filter packs. This novel dispersion additive offers great opportunities for cost savings […]

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Hubron Repacking Services Limited to be launched in New Year

25 September 2015 by Martin Cicognani

We are very pleased to announce that we are rebranding the custom blending and repacking service that we have successfully provided to the market for the last 10years, as Hubron Repacking Services Limited on Jan 1st 2016. Considerable investment, following a program of consolidation and restructure within the parent OBG Group, has lead to a […]

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New Terminal Functional Hypro™ Polybutadienes

1 September 2015 by Martin Cicognani

CVC Thermoset Specialties are developing an expanded set of Terminal Functional Polybutadienes, to compliment the successful hydroxyl terminated grades (Hypro 2800X95 and Hypro 1200X90) launched in 2011. These new reactive polybutadienes, presently in pre-commercial development, are expected to provide formulators with new possibilities beyond the excellent properties of the original hydroxyl terminal grades. The new development […]

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TALLICIN K-24 – 100% Polymeric dispersant for coatings and inks

13 July 2015 by Martin Cicognani

Tallicin K-24 is a 100% polymeric dispersant that provides excellent wetting and dispersion characteristics for organic pigments in solvent based automotive and industrial coatings applications. Tallicin K-24 is designed as an effective wetting and grinding polymeric dispersant for industrial coatings and gravure printing inks. It is compatible with a broad spectrum of resins, various aromatic […]

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