Richard Baker Harrison News

JEC World 2018

Lindau commercial and technical personnel, along with all appropriate RBH staff manned the booth at JEC over the 3-days, and held numerous meetings with existing and potential customers. Commenting on this exhibition, MD Martin Cicognani noted, – “Working in partnership with Lindau Chemicals throughout this important global exhibition, proved once again that a close relationship…

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Hubron News

New hydroxy terminated RLP, Hypro® 3000X914 from CVC

Hypro® 3000X914 HTBN is an innovative low molecular weight, liquid, hydroxy terminated random copolymer of butadiene and acrylonitrile. The acrylonitrile content improves the miscibility with polar materials and polyols in addition to much improved adhesion to many substrates, Hypro® 3000X914 HTBN can be used as the primary polyol in urethane formulations or as a blend with other polyols to maximise processing, application and performance.

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