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Teraspartic® EXP244 amine functional resin

Teraspartic® EXP 244 is a low viscosity amine functional resin designed to provide extended working time and exceptional application properties – including flow and leveling- at 100% solids. Teraspartic® EXP 244 provides more open time than any other polyaspartic amine, and its low viscosity gives outstanding flow and leveling in both clear and pigmented systems.
In general, polyaspartic coatings can be formulated to achieve reactivity and gelation ranging from 5mins to 2hours or more, depending on ambient and substrate temperatures.
Teraspartic® EXP 244 can be used by itself or in combination with other polyaspartic resins such as Teraspartic® 277 and 292. Also Teraspartic® EXP 244 can be used with hydroxyl functional acrylic resins to achieve special application and performance characteristics in either clear of pigmented systems.