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New hydroxy terminated RLP, Hypro® 3000X914 from CVC

CVC are expanding the range of functionalised Reactive Liquid Polymers (RLP’s), with the introduction of Hypro® 3000X914 HTBN.

This new grade is a low molecular weight, liquid, hydroxy terminated random copolymer of butadiene and acrylonitrile. The acrylonitrile content improves the miscibility with polar materials and polyols.

Hypro® 3000X914 HTBN can be used as the primary polyol in urethane formulations or as a blend with other polyols to maximise processing, application and performance. The acrylonitrile in the backbone of this copolymer delivers much improved adhesion to many substrates,

The introduction of a copolymer version of the Hypro® 2800X95 HTB base grade, illustrates the versatility of this chemistry which will result in further grade introductions in the near future.
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