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LABEMA® – corrosion inhibitors for coatings and metal protection

We are extremely pleased to now be working with LABEMA® on their liquid anti-flash rust inhibitors and corrosion inhibitors for primarily the water based coatings sector, but also extremely effective within lubricants, metal working fluids, AFC (anti-freeze & coolants – OATS based technologies) and cleaning products.

LABEMA® anti-flash rust additives, sold under the trade names of AB Rust® and Emadox®, work extensively to inhibit flash rust in water based coatings onto numerous metals, before the coating has dried. For coating formulations packed in metal containers, grades are available that afford In Can Protection (ICP grades).

The LABEMA® range has recently been extended with high performance grades based on lower carbon footprint materials, with similar performance profiles. Completing the current range are specifically designed grades for anti-freeze and coolants based on specific Organic Acid Technologies (OAT), meeting many international standards

For further information, samples or to place orders, please contact our offices on +44 161 681 2691