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Hubron to exhibit the novel Pflaumer Brothers Inc – Teraspartic® polyaspartics amines at Surfex 2014

The Pflaumer range of stearically hindered aliphatic amines, offered under the Teraspartic® brand, react with polyisocyanates to form high-gloss, weather resistant coatings with good film build and rapid cure rates.

Currently 3 grades are offered, Teraspartic® 277, 292 and the newest addition 230 which is characterised by low viscosity, high reactivity and fast gelation which lends itself ideally to patching compounds, sealants and putties. The Teraspartic® 230 grade can also be used with other polyaspartics amines, or other amine functional/hydroxyl functional resins to formulate fast setting clear and pigmented coatings without solvent for highly productive one-coat systems.

Polyurea polyaspartic coatings dry efficiently at room temperature, are used in high performance coatings requiring fast cure, low VOC and low odour. These coatings exhibit a combination of strength, flexibility and impact resistance, ideal for industrial coatings such as agricultural and construction machinery, for OEM coatings requiring corrosion resistance, composites such as wind turbines and for resurfacing concrete floors

The necessary TeraCure ® aliphatic polyisocyanates; TeraChem ® colourants for polyaspartics and TeraChem ® nano aluminium oxide dispersion will also feature.

We look forward to seeing you at Surfex 2014

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