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ERISYS™ GE 40 – for intumescent FR coatings

ERISYS GE40 is a medium viscosity, aliphatic tetraepoxide based on Pentaerythritol. This chemistry opens up many opportunities for the formulator, among which is its growing use as a key component in intumescent protective coatings.
ERISYS GE40 is compatible with most standard epoxy resins at all concentrations and can be cured using any epoxy resin curing agent.

In addition to its use in intumescent formulations, its versatility is demonstrated below –

1. Crosslinking of acid functional resins, complimentary to ERISYS GE60 sorbitol based aliphatic polyepoxide
2. Reactive diluent for CASE
3. Used in sizing compositions for carbon Fiber
4. Production of polymeric microporous membranes
5. Photoresists

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