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Einar® PolyDispers 101 – “green” dispersion efficiency

Palsgaard A/S launch Einar® PolyDispers 101 a new vegetable-based dispersion agent for colour concentrates. As dispersion is the key for optimum colour development, Einar® PolyDispers 101enhances organic and inorganic pigment dispersion in polymers, resulting in higher colour yield and lower pressure through filter packs.

This novel dispersion additive offers great opportunities for cost savings as it reduces the shear force needed during production. The lubricating affect of Einar® PolyDispers 101 offers additional benefits as it makes the production process more reliable and stable, by reducing downtime.

The uniqueness of this vegetable based dispersion agent is explained by its chemical composition as a non-ionic surface active component, free from contaminants and low-molecular weight oils that can adversely affect colour critical applications

The physical form of Einar® PolyDispers 101 is a highly viscous, transparent liquid with a neutral taste and smell.

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