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DiamondKote® – premium rubber mould release agents

The move to European production of the advanced DiamondKote®rubber mould release agents, by ITW Krafft, has given customers greater access to these industry leading products.

DiamondKote® release agents are used in some of the most demanding and critical moulding applications imaginable. When moulding anti-vibration components, the minimal transfer ofDiamondKote® release agents will not interfere with the rubber to metal bond but will assist the rubber to flow across the mould.
When moulding seals, gaskets and O-rings DiamondKote® release agents confer chemical resistance and various degrees of slip to the mould. These properties are desirable in that they reduce scrap levels by allowing rubber to flow whilst protecting the mould chemically from the base polymer, curative, co-agents etc.
By allowing the rubber to flow and protecting the mould chemically, the time between mould cleans is extended – a huge advantage for manufacturers when moulding high value components.

An entire series of DiamondKote® mould release agents are available to meet your demanding needs, please contact us via the contact page for further details, and assistance in solving your moulding issues.