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Chemigum® P609 – optimised NBR powder for high strength adhesives

Chemigum P609® is a newly launched nitrile rubber powder from Omnova Solutions, designed for use in structural and contact adhesives. As with all Chemigum® NBR powders, P609 has a particle size distribution where 99% is <1mm.

This very fine powder has been designed for rapid let down in selected solvents for contact adhesives, where its high molecular weight (mooney viscosity) gives strength and grab, and the medium ACN content provides both polarity and chemical resistance.

Chemigum® P609 has also been targeted at structural adhesives based an acrylic chemistry, where again the fine particle size distribution allows rapid let down in the relevant monomers, the polarity provides compatibility and the mooney viscosity (molecular weight) provides the improvement in toughness, flexibility and peel strength.

Chemigum® P609 will also benefit MMA coatings, where shrinkage control is a must, and can be used as one of the products to modify the behavior of friction materials.

This is a truly universal product with outstanding properties, waiting to be exploited, and compliments the existing range of Chemigum® NBR powders used widely for elastomer modification of thermoplastics.

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