Sunigum® P2100 – A new elastomeric modifier for plastics

21 May 2012 by claire.smith

Sunigum® P2100 is a crosslinked copolymer of butylacrylate, styrene and acrylonitrile.  The polymer morphology has been designed to enhance the compression set properties in plasticised PVC, thus making it a good candidate for gasket and seal applications. 

Its composition and structure make it compatible with a wide range of resins, allowing users to tailor-make general purpose and engineering grade thermoplastic elastomers where aesthetics, colour-retention and weatherability are of prime importance.

Although Sunigum® P2100 has been designed for use in blends with thermoplastic resins, it has by itself a sufficient thermoplastic behaviour to be moulded in order to measure its physical properties.

Typical Properties Sunigum® P2100
Aspect White powder
Granulometry 99%<1.4mm
d 50 (%) µm 577
d 90 (%) µm 961
Glass Transition Temperature (°C) -20
Mooney viscosity ML1+4 150°C (MU) 32
Bulk density (g/cm3) 0.45

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