Proviplast 2624 Acetyl-tributyl-citrate, A safe, environmentally friendly & versatile plasticiser

23 March 2012 by claire.smith

Proviplast 2624 is a citrate ester with a broad field of applications, mainly used as a plasticiser, to prepare flavours, in essence formulations and cosmetics.  Due to its versatility, low volatility and safety, Proviplast 2624 can help in replacing phthalates in numerous applications. 

Proviplast 2624 is a colourless oily, general purpose plasticiser, which is safe to be used in medical, pharmaceutical and food sectors.  Proviplast 2624 has a high boiling point and low VOC.  It has a low odour and combines excellent flexibility at low temperature with a good high temperature and UV stability.  The product is approved by the US Food and Drug Administration (FDA) for use in numerous direct and indirect food contact applications according to CFR 21.

Proviplast 2624 is a plasticiser with a very good compatibility with a broad range of polymers and resins.  Proviplast 2624 is an effective plasticiser for PVC, PVC copolymers and cellulose films.  It can be safely used in toys and medical devices, as an alternative for phthalates but also as a good plasticiser in cellulose acetate films to replace the short alkyl phthalates.  Because of its good solvating characteristics, Proviplast 2624 can be incorporated in plastisols for flooring, coatings and electrical wiring.  It can be used for adhesives and vinyl latexes.  Synthetic polar rubbers can be plasticised with Proviplast 2624.  Rubbers of interest are acrylate elastomers, NBR rubbers with low to medium ACN content and PVC-rubber copolymers.

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