Bostik Introduce new Vitel® Grade for Adhesives

9 March 2012 by claire.smith

Bostik KP7908 is a tough yet flexible thermoplastic polyester that is designed for solvating or compounding into a high performance adhesive.  The finished adhesive will have excellent adhesion to metals, foils and films and can be cross-linked with isocyanate curatives such as Boscodur 21.  Cross-linking improves heat and solvent resistance as well as tensile strength.

Bostik KP7908 is most frequently applied from solution, solvent selection is important.  KP7908 is soluble in methyl ethyl ketone/toluene blends, cyclic ethers, chlorinated or stronger solvents.  When applied via extrusion, the resin must be dried properly first.  Applications include:

  • Electronics
  • Wire and cable wrap applications
  • Flexible film packaging
  • Flame retardent applications
  •                                   -Furniture

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