10 February 2012 by claire.smith

SASCO Chemical Group, a leading international manufacturer of chemicals for the rubber, sanitation and biomedical industries, announces the appointment of Hubron Speciality Limited as their representative in the United Kingdom.  Hubron Speciality will be introducing the SASCO Chemical line of products to the UK markets, focusing on the tyre and rubber industry.  The SASCO Chemical anti-tack and mould release agents have been specially formulated to work specifically in the tyre and rubber industry.

Marc Skalla, President of SASCO Chemical Group, stated, “We are very pleased to add Hubron Speciality to the SASCO Chemical sales team.  With more than 50 years of experience in the UK, they know the markets, and having complimentary product lines to ours, we’re confident that they will be able to quickly provide the UK customer base with the same SASCO Chemical products used for years by the majority of tyre and rubber manufacturers throughout the Americas.”

SASCO Chemical Group has become the industry leader in the manufacturing and application of anti-tack agents in North America.  The PolyCoat, powder COTE and Techkote product groups have become the standards in the industry.  From SASCO’s innovative R&D Group, Application & Design Group, to their in-plant Specialists, SASCO offers its customers the total package. 

For more information, contact the Hubron sales office or use the web contact form.