Hypro® Reactive Liquid Polymer Toughened Vinyl Ester Composites Suitable for Wind Turbine Blades

27 January 2012 by claire.smith

Functional butadiene copolymers known as Hypro® RLP (Reactive Liquid Polymers) are known to increase toughness of several thermoset resins as epoxies and vinyl esters.  Specifically, CTBN (carboxyl terminated butadiene-acrylonitrile) and its associated epoxy resin  adducts are used as tougheners for epoxy adhesives featuring extraordinary peel strength.  These same CTBN liquid polymers are being used in matrix resins for carbon fibre and glass reinforced composites.  One class of unique resins is elastomer modified vinyl esters.  A recent technical report reviews some of those systems and work underway aimed at further developing the technology in applications as wind blade composites.

Results – Neat Resins

The unique resins referred to are CTBN elastomer modified bisphenol A epoxy derived vinyl esters known as Derakane 8084 or similar materials.  A material property increased by the addition of a Hypro® CTBN to vinyl esters is fracture toughness quantified by the expression GIc  equating to the energy necessary to initiate and propogate a crack in the resin.

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