Scorch Protected Luperox® Peroxides for Cross-linking

16 December 2011 by claire.smith

Arkema have launched the complete range of Luperox® cross-linking peroxides with added Scorch Protection using patented technologies.

Luperox® scorch protection technology provides outstanding scorch protection and overcomes the usual limitations encountered with classical ‘scorch retarders.’

- faster free radical trapping leading to better scorch protection

- consistent crosslinking level (no loss of crosslinking density)

The exceptional scorch protection offered by these new grades brings multiple advantages:

Double reduction of the formulation cost:

  • Possible to reduce the amount of antioxidant in the formulation thanks to the outstanding scorch protection provided by Luperox® SP grades
  • Possible to reduce the amount of peroxide in the formulation since the scorch protection agent contained in Luperox® SP grades does not consume the peroxide


  • Possible to speed up the process by increasing the mixing speed
  • Possible to envision a one-step mixing process when not applicable with a standard grade
  • Improved scorch protection should allow for longer mixing and a better consistency of the final compound.


  • In an injection moulding process, the longer protection time will lead to the reduction of the scrap.  The design of the moulds can be optimised (more prints per mould cavity) allowing higher productivity and much more possibilities for peroxide cured moulded rubber goods.  Moreover, the temperature of the mould can be increased, resulting in a significant improvement of productivity; faster filling of the mould and faster curing.
  • With an extrusion process, both the temperature and the speed of the extrusion process can be increased, resulting in a higher productivity.

The improved scorch protection should also reduce the downtime devoted to the equipment cleanup (gels), also leading to more production time.

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