Mixland®+ SD – ‘The’ alternative to ETU

5 December 2011 by claire.smith

MLPC International, part of the Arkema group of companies and a long time producer of thiourea chemicals, is pleased to launch Mixland®+ SD as a replacement for Ethylene Thiourea (ETU).

ETU confers excellent cure characteristics and compression set to a number of elastomers, but most noticeably in (CR) chloroprene rubbers.  Health & Safety issues have reduced the use of ETU, but existing alternatives have a  number of deficiencies.  Mixland®+ SD is based on a nitrosamine-free thiadiazole molecule, with a high sulphur content.

Main applications will be belting, cables, hose, profiles and seals.  MLPC Intl have prepared a full technical report illustrating the chemistry, formulations and properties in a number of compounds.  For full details please contact the sales office.