CVC Thermoset Specialties extend their offering of Speciality Epoxy Resins with ERISYS® GE-35H Castor Oil Glycidyl Ether, a low viscosity flexibilising Epoxy Resin

9 December 2011 by claire.smith

Erisys® GE-35H (CAS No 74398-71-3) is  a special grade of the glycidyl ether of castor oil.  It is a low viscosity polyepoxide resin which imparts flexibility, impact resistance and thermal shock resistance to epoxy formulations.

Erisys® GE-35H is universally compatible with standard Bisphenol A epoxy resins.  It has a low vapour pressure and a mild non-offensive odour.  Increasing the concentration of GE-35H in epoxy formulations reduces viscosity and lengthens pot life while imparting stress relief after cure.


  • Concrete Patching Compounds
  • Floor Coatings
  • Adhesives
  • Bridge Decking Compounds
  • Joint Sealants

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