Proviplast 1944 Dibutyl Sebacate

7 October 2011 by claire.smith

Proviplast 1944 is a versatile biobased ester, with important applications as plasticiser, lubricant or flavouring additive. The acidic backbone is made from castor oil, thus improving the sustainability of your application. Proviplast 1944 is insoluble in water but soluble in most organic solvents and perfectly miscible with other plasticisers.
Proviplast 1944 is a plasticiser for different polymers and synthetic rubbers. It is approved to be used for direct and indirect food contact in these applications. Due to its long linear structure, it gives superior low temperature behaviour. Proviplast 1944 has a fully aliphatic structure and thus a high light resistance and good thermal stability.
Proviplast 1944 can be used in plastics for use in the food packaging industry, in protective coatings and lacquers, in plastics used for medical devices, and in pharmaceutical applications, as a plasticiser for film coating of tablets and granules. Some other plasticiser uses are seals, wire and cable, coatings and ink formulations.
Proviplast 1944 is FDA approved for certain applications.
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