CVC Thermoset Specialties Introduces Hypro® Hydroxy-Terminated Products

26 August 2011 by claire.smith

CVC Thermoset Specialties, an Emerald Performance Materials Company, has successfully commercialised a new platform for its Hypro® Reactive Liquid Polymer product line based on hydroxy-functional polybutadiene (HTPB) technology.  The new HTPB technology platform not only expands the range of materials offered by the company, but the diol reactive end groups also enable the reactive liquid polymers (RLPs) to be used in polyurethane systems, a new market for RLPs.  CVC continues to implement its multiphase capacity expansion programme to accommodate both new products and growing global demand for its products.

The initial product in the new RLP family is Hypro® 2800X95 HTB.  As a hydroxy functional material, it may be used as a polyol in polyurethane systems.  With hydroxyl functionality ranging from  2.4-2.6 and a viscosity of 5000-6000 cps, Hypro® 2800X95 is well suited for production of urethanes that are very soft and flexible, even at low temperatures, and exhibits excellent water/moisture resistance.  These are desirable features in applications such as window sealants, electrical encapsulants, and urethane adhesives.

In addition to the HTPBs, CVC manufactures a broad base of speciality RLPs.  Other Hypro® RLP products include butadiene/acrylonitrile elastomers with carboxyl, methacrylate vinyl, amine or epoxy functional end groups.  These functional end groups enable the RLPs to react into a variety of polymer systems, such as epoxy, UPE, acrylic, polyamide, plastisol and vinyl esters.  Hypox® R series products are speciality epoxy materials modified using CTBN RLPs.

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