New Sunigum® Grade Launched – Sunigum® P2100

25 July 2011 by claire.smith

Eliokem launches a new grade of Sunigum®, P2100, with enhanced resilience properties, ideally suited for dynamic gasketing applications.

The enhanced resilience of Sunigum® P2100 allows compounders to formulate cost effective flexible PVC window gaskets in any colour, with excellent low compression set, meeting all European specifications.

Sunigum® P2100 can be blended and processed with a large variety of thermoplastics like TPU, COPE, ASA, ABS, PA, SEBS being soft touch, enhanced processing, chemical, oil and fat resistance.

Sunigum polymers are based on a unique acrylate chemistry and produced in powder form via a specific patented process.  They offer excellent thermal stability for high temperature extrusion, and provide outstanding heat and UV resistance to finished products.

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